How to add content

Empowering government uses the “WordPress” portal to allow community members to provide content. The primary forms of content at this time are article “posts” and comments. This document is intended as a quick-start. More information can be found in the WoardPress documentation.

Getting a user ID

Anyone can browse the Empowering Government site but to provide content you must agree to the terms of use and get a user ID. It is free to get a user ID but it is an administered process. Participation can’t be anonymous, you must provide content under your own name. Representing an organization in doing so is optional.


  1. From the front page you must click on one of the index pages, something that says “read more”.
  2. On the upper right of a page you will see “Register”. Follow the instructions and agree to the terms of use.
  3. Once you log in, fill out your profile.
  4. At this point you will be a “subscriber” and able to make comments on existing posts

Articles are contributed by “Authors”. Authors must be approved by the OMG. If you want to contribute articles, send an email request to “request at” with your user ID.

Posting an article (Authors)

Authors may post new articles for the community and vendor authors may also provide an information page with links to your web site.


  1. Log in with your Author user ID
  2. On the upper-left click on  “+New” then “Post”
  3. Enter a title
  4. Enter content in the editor – copy/paste or write your posting. Be aware of the policies and procedures.
  5. The editor is “TinyMCE”. You may refer to its documentation.
  6. You may upload images and other content using “Add media”.
  7. Note the “Categories”, this will control where your posting shows up. Select the appropriate categories.
  8. Preview your post.
  9. Note the status of your post will be “pending review”, it will not show up on the web site yet.
  10. Select “Publish”

At this point your post will be queued for review by the EG Board”. If approved it will go live. If there are issues you will be notified. You may request status at request at