This means An integrated and mult-faceted solution environment supporting multiple types of needs is required.

The Empowering Government Consortium is a international coalition of problem solvers that care about the issues that prevent government from delivering repeatable smart solutions for complex issues. The public-sector (Federal, State, Local, Academia and Health) struggles with solving complex technological cross domain issues.  Many issues involve data, infrastructure and application design, interoperability and sharing of information within and across domains with trusted partners.  In the public-sector these problems may be amplified within technology segments of cybersecurity, service architecture, data integration, network infrastructure and boundaries management.

Our coalition is a member-driven body of problem solvers in technology and business public sectors.  We represent government, academic and health-systems, standards body’s, engineers and architects motivated to solve problems.  Our members bring the right experiences and lessons learned across many technological platforms and business domains.  We connect the dots by leveraging and integrating standards, methods, and frameworks to create useful and proven reference architectures and models.  This has the power to create a data bank of what works,  i.e., problems solved by others around the globe.

Bringing these principal solvers together with communities of end-users we can share techniques and solutions, leverage knowledge and build if needed new technologies.  By connecting the dots across standards, business and technical disciplines for trusted results, we will empower government today and in the future.

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